What is a Billet?

A Billet is a fully furnished, temporary lodging accommodation that’s available to rent for medium to long term stays.

How do I apply for a FEMA code?

If you are a business with an EIN you can compete the form here: https://apps.usfa.fema.gov/hotel/onlineRegistration
If you are not a business, please contact customer service directly, subject FEMA D. We’ll send you the form to complete and let you know when you are approved.

I live on site, do I need security?

Yes, you must either have 24/7 security cameras or security staff. The cameras can be self monitored by this is for the safety of our guests.

What is the DOD walk policy?

First what is a “walk”?
A “walk” is when a hotel tells a traveler with a confirmed reservation that it does not, in fact, have an available room.
In this case, the host should contact Billets via customer service immediately so we can Secure a comparable room at a DoD Preferred property, provide transportation, pay for one phone call, and pay one-night difference between original and new room cost IAW the JTR
If another DoD Preferred property is not available, Billets will make every effort to secure a comparable room at a non-participating FEMA-approved property, provide transportation, pay for one phone call, and pay for one night (room & tax)
Hosts will forfeit any pay and may be fined unless extenuating circumstances exist. Please be prepared to provide proof of extenuating circumstance.